Quality Replacement Parts for Vintage Toys
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Shipping Policies & Problem Resolution
Most items ship within 15 business days of receiving payment. (Thatís 3 weeks). This allows for most circumstances that might delay the normal flow of order fulfillment. Shipping origin is the province of Ontario, CANADA. If you are outside of Canada, your order will be travelling via airmail. During your order's journey through the postal system, there are factors beyond my control such as a delay at your countryís Customs Office, or adverse weather may impede your order during transit. Please be patient. If you have any concerns, contact me first for an update as to the status of your order. Thank You. GW.

Refunds are offered only for items that arrive damaged. Refund is issued upon receipt of returned items. There may be exceptions to this policy (incorrect items sent or piece is defective) so please e-mail your concerns.

Replicas Sold as Vintage Originals
Many of our replicas look close enough to the originals to tempt people to try to pass them off as originals. When buying toys online make sure that the parts are described as vintage and if they aren't then ask. Some sellers adopt a "if you don't ask then I won't tell you" policy.

If you ever receive what you think is a replica that was sold to you as an original please contact us immediately. We will first ask you for the name and E-MAIL address of the person who sold them to you. Then we will ask you to send us the piece(s) for verification. If we determine that the piece is one of ours (Graeme knows his own work) and that the piece was sold deceitfully, the person who sold the piece to you will no longer be able to buy our replicas. We will also ship your piece(s) back to you at our expense.

We do not give out buyer information or buyer history. We take the confidentiality of our customer's personal information as seriously. This includes not selling or sharing E-MAIL addresses.

What's going on here?
Buyers, please understand that you are at - a website that sells replacement parts for vintage toy lines. You are not buying real guns, bullets, capes, gloves, boots, masks etc. Most of these items are very small because they are made to replace missing items for specific children's toys.